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"Are you under tremendous financial stress? don't have enough money at the end of the month? too many loans?"
-if you answered yes to the above, then this event is for you
HOW To Solve Your MoneY Problem

This is my story...

Dear Friend,

Are you struggling financially? Do you want to get out of your financial problems? Do you want to make 2018 a year of financial success?

If you said “YES”, then please allow me to share my financial struggles and how I managed to come out of it. This is my story.

“This story starts after my graduation from the UK and after getting married to my lovely girlfriend. We came back to Malaysia to start a life. Things were pretty tough starting out as we had no savings. We both got a job and the salary was below our expectation.

Nevertheless, we worked but got ourselves more into credit card debts because we had more bills to pay. We also had a child during this time and needed to pay for lots of stuff. I can still remember it like it was yesterday where we would receive our salary and pay the minimum payments on our credit cards and personal loan. We would have barely enough to pull through to the next month. This was going on for some years until we just couldn’t take it anymore. The breaking point was when we couldn’t buy gifts for our child and family during Christmas.

That’s when we sat ourselves down and started to do something about our situation. We started educating ourselves through books, videos and free seminars. As painful as it was, we had to stop all unnecessary expenses (entertainment mostly), consolidated our debts into one fixed monthly payment and got rid of all our credit cards.

That was the best decision we ever made. Immediately after that, we could see ourselves having extra money at every month. We started to save 10% of our salary, gave to church/charity another 10% and still have enough every month. We ensured that all payments we paid on time if not earlier and by doing this we also improved our credit rating.

The change that was so apparent was not so much the outside i.e. money but on the inside of ourselves. There was more peace, joy and happiness. By the next year, I had a promotion and a good bonus. Things were just getting better beyond our expectations. This was when we started to invest in properties. We bought our first 2 joint investment properties that year. All this was possible simply because we took control of our finances and not let money control us.”

Now, rather than later, is the perfect time for me to share my story. Why? Because I have met many friends who are going through the same situation as I was. And if I can find my friends going through this, how many more of you are going through the same?

I would like to share with you my “6 TIPS TO GET OUT OF DEBTS” in a FREE event  as detailed below.

I hope  you will not wait any longer to take  control of your money  and  not allow money  to control you. Share this and  bring a friend along as seats are limited. The first 30 people that sign up today will also get a FREE gift.


What you will learn?

#Your Personal Purpose
Why do you Exist? How your purposes relates to your finances? Creating your puspose
#Re-focus Your Mind
Self-awareness, your inner world equals to your outer world, your money trait
#The Simplest And Most Effective Money Management System in The World
Managing your money, benefits of this simple system and steps to apply the system
#Financial Goals and Plan
Prioritize you financial goals, financial planning template, knowing where you are and where are you going
#Get Out of Debt
Simply your lifestyle, Good debt vs Bad debt, 6 steps to get out of debt, use credit card to your benefit
#Types of Investments
7 ways to invest your money, financial education, credit report
#Give Back
Charity starts at home, giving equals receiving, the most important criteria in managing money

What you will get?

  • You will be able to afford that dream holiday and gadgets and car that you really want​
  • You will have more cash in your hands by following these steps​
  • You can immediately implement the steps to start growing your savings account​
  • You will get tips and strategies to start reducing your loans​
  • Learn about the best investments to achieve financial freedom​
"Stop waiting to manage your money. Your habit is more important than the amount"
t.harv eker-best selling
author, entrepreneur, coach and multi-millionaire

Why choose us?

The steps that you will receive was used by the speaker himself. He will share his own experience. Besides, Mr Colin has more than 18 years of experience as an accountant, is an investor and runs multiple business. The team has a combined net worth of close to $5 million with a wealth of knowledge

Colin Benedict Raj is an associate ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK). He received his B.A. (hons) in Accounting and Finance from University of Bedfordshire, UK. He has almost 18 years of experience in accounting. He began his career in the telco industry (Time Wireless Sdn Bhd) in 1996. After having worked at a few more companies, he decided to further his studies in UK.  Upon graduating he worked as an accountant at Taxclaim Pte Ltd before returning to Malaysia to become a tax consultant at KPMG Malaysia in 2005.

Thereafter, he joined AFFIN Moneybrokers Sdn Bhd (subsidiary of AFFIN Group) as an assistant manager and eventually became Head of Finance and Admin. He decided to leave employment after 8 years and start his own cloud based accounting services business in 2014. Through his interaction with clients and networking, he identified there was a lack in money management knowledge. So, he tested these steps with himself and proven that the system works so that he can share it with others.

He is also an active member in his non-profit religious society. He volunteers his time there as Finance Chairman. He gives talks on money management to the members of the society and his business circles regularly.

He is dynamic, highly motivated and inspiring in his presentations by being straight to the point, engaging and fun. With his wealth of knowledge from personal experiences and trainings, he has brought together an AMAZING simple to use money management system. His dream is to share this system with more people so that they would not have to experience difficulties due to poor money management.

"HOW to solve your money problem"

You will leave with step-by-step plan to save and manage your money. You will take home a 6-steps to get out of debt that is a proven method.


Discover your purpose and the amounts to save for your specific needs. Learn to track your money using simple app

Here are some testimonials about the program

“An opener to financial management and something basic that everyone needs to look into”

Ms. Siva

Investment Consultant, age 38
“I found the talk on money management good. It is good that we are exposed and educated on how to handle their finances at an early age and to know the value of hard earned or smart earned money. The talk was easy to understand and interesting” ​

Mr. Ronnie

Project Manager, age 44
“I find it very simple and a very easy system especially for those just started work to start saving money”

Ms. Jessica

Financial Planner, age 43
“Overall the talk was really good and now I started spending less money on my lunch and it has taught me how to be more responsible and how to save more money for my future”

Ms. Renee

Student, age 18

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