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So what is Mastering Individual Dynamics Program?
It is a combination of many video lessons together (you can pick based on the playlist offered) with action notes that is crucial for employees to watch and write (literally using a pen…This is not an any e-learning course! no machine is going to help the employee write or score)

Your employee(s) will watch video lessons, write on customised action notes and score their answers. There is no machine to assist.

So Why do you need to invest into a Self Pace Learning Pathway especially during this Pandemic and will ‘disciplinary of being committed to learning’ be an issue?

Of course, any task/training lesson provided to an employee takes a lot of effort for a self discipline to be cultivated. However, in this difficult times we, as managers needs to make sound judgments and we cannot make this an excuse, as this will lead to complacency.

Dear HR, Training and L&D Department,

I am sure you have recognised the sheer amount of massive information coming at us has placed a strain’ on our ability to evaluate any process or decision. Studies as proven that with the massive overload of task and information we will become:

1. Less critical in the face of information overload.
2. We throw up our hands and say, ‘It’s too much to think about’.
3. When that happens we can end up making important decisions based on emotions or “gut reactions” rather than evidence or logic.

Therefore, to improve your decision-making capabilities, we need to sharpen our critical thinking on our own. And to do that, we must arm ourselves with disciplinary to asking ourselves critical questions—and be willing to consistently ask and thoughtfully consider those questions before rendering judgment.

The Learning Matchmaker in collaboration with Lourdes Training has created Mastering Self Dynamics Program a blended solution that helps each employee (a talent, a new recruit, a new manager, or a long serving employee) become more skilled in their critical reviewing skills through a learning habit of watching video lessons, writing on customised action notes and scoring their answers. There is no machine to assist.

Your HR and Training department will also be supported with training effectiveness documents to ensure your employee has successfully completed watching the videos, writing on the action notes, scoring his or her answers and sharing the completion scores that your HR and Training department can view.

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