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1. Raise Your 'Trainer Evaluation Skills'

You will learn why it is important to learn the art of evaluating expert trainers for your organization and how this can be used as an effective competency metrics for your department

2. Design Your Thinking to Achieve a Matured Learning Organization

You will learn why it is important to constantly think and strategize the right learning designs for your organization and ultimately create a learning organization that has matured learning employees that will lead to greater productivity

3. The Invisible HR, Training and L&D Person

You will learn why you need to be a Champion in every process of learning platforms you design, strategize and coordinate for your employees

4. Be Learner Centric

You will learn why it is important to evaluate, study and understand your employees (learners) constantly. You will also understand how to provide the best learning methodologies for the right platform of learners | | 03-23339233