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Using Deep Action Learning to:

Accelerate Communications at Workplace

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Deep Action Learning Courses helps employees improve, develop and executive written, spoken and non verbal communications to excel in a global business environment. Our Courses have been designed and delivered by credible expert trainers in Malaysia. We have curated a total of 9 learning hours over 7 courses; to accelerate communications at workplace for our fast paced learner who can learn at their own pace.

Expand your communications skills and discover quick learning tips over 2-4mins of video time with easy to grasp framework designed into customised workbooks and short quizzes. Our Lessons have been designed and delivered by credible Learning Specialist.

Immerse yourself with our unique Videos of bite size learning from a beginner level to an advanced level. Each video has animated visuals and summarised points that are able to enhance all learning styles of an employee.

Review a comprehensive overview through our Syllabus from competency listings of each lesson to key takeaways and learning activities.

Discover and examine our Action customised Workbooks that will maximize employees’ cognitive learning abilities. Our workbooks are designed with 7 learning methodologies to accelerate learning. Score sheets are attached at the end of each workbook for cross reference checks on the answers.

Quizzes encourages employees to have ideas on how well they are grasping the material and motivate them to pay more attention to the videos and action workbooks. If an employee fails 5 attempts of a quiz, they have failed the lesson. An email will be sent to their inbox to mention this and what can be done next.

Upon successful completion of the lesson in each of the course, employees will be granted a digital certificate of completion. Employees must pass the quiz in order to obtain a certificate of completion.

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