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The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honored to bestow The Learning Matchmaker Sdn Bhd the “Movers & Shakers Award 2017” for moving and shaking old beliefs and creating new paradigms in the field of learning & development.


Name: Cheryl Anita Lourdes (founded TLMM  2010)                                                                      Position in TLMM Group: Founder and Acting CEO                                                                    Education: BA (Hons lower) from University of Northumbria Industry                           Achievements:  Achieved 2 Innovation Awards for TLMM Group                                          Personal Credibility:  Speaker, Coach and Book author of 3 Self-published books and writer in TLMM blog and TLMM white papers.

 Name: Zuraida Mohd Shariff                           Position in TLMM Group: HR, L&D Strategist Director (founded TLMM 2016 onwards)     Education:

  • Chartered Accountant and is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountant (MIA). aster in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelor in Business in Business Administration from Western Michigan University, USA.
  • Certified Business Coach from School of Developmental Coaching, Leadership University
  • Licensed Trainer for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in TM
  • Certified Lead Assessor (LRQS Ltd) for Quality Management System, ISO 9000
  • Internal Consulting Skills from Motorola University, Schaumburg, Illinois USA.

Achievements Prior to joining TLMM:         Under her leadership, she won two international Awards organized by World HRD Congress and World Education Congress in June 2012.  She led the team who were involved in participating for the Best Learning Program (Best Behavioral Change) and Best Practices (Best e-Learning Implementation on a Budget). In 2010, she led her team to won the Gold Award for HR best practices.She also led her team and established an Assessment Centre whereby the People Development Centre assessed more than 1000 participants for promotion purposes. She also led the team who were involved in preparing her organisation to participate in the Best Employers Award organized by Hewitt and they won the Best Employers Award in 2009.        She set up the People Development Centre in TM to assess potential candidates for promotion exercise.  TM assessed more than 1000 candidates and saved more than a RM 1 Million due to this initiatives.                                    Previous Employment: GM for Telekom Malaysia

  Name: Colin Benedict Raj (joined TLMM 2014 onwards)                                                               Position in TLMM Group: CFO                 Education:

  •  BA (Hons upper) in Accounting and Finance from University of Bedfordshire, UK.
  • Professional Certification: associate ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK  

Achievements Prior to joining TLMM:   Under his leadership and operations, he led his organization towards implementation of a process software which made processors and people happier and this drove higher profits towards the organization.  He Identifies cost drivers and substantial areas of savings that drove new opportunities for capital funding through a detailed financial planning and strategy outlook.

Previous Employment: Accountant for Affin Money Brokers Sdn Bhd


The Learning MatchMaker (TLMM) Group of Companies is Malaysia’s leading learning partner for corporate companies. Our expertise are to consult and sift through employers learning and training needs. Our primary function is to search,  screen and validate trainers and training providers for employee development strategies. Our products & services  comes in the form of :  

  1. Training MatchMaking
  2. L&D  Consultancy
  3. HR Softwares
  4. Marketing Toolkits
  5. Blended Learning Solutions
  6. Learning Conferences
  7. Tutorial Videos

In summary, our services to our corporate customers are to /essay-editing-service understand the industry requirement, company’s vision and mission, employees job functions, challenges, project implications, and provide solution with new blended tools to have a new impact on shaping better learning society which starts in Malaysia and eventually global.


Established in 2010, TLMM transformed learning in Malaysia by offering innovative and creative learning services to customers. In year 2015, TLMM was awarded a trophy by HR Online Malaysia as ‘Best Background Screening Provider'  for providing best fit’ trainers, training providers, consultants and coaches to customers in Malaysia. Today our focus is on innovative ways to deliver business goals through the art of learning technology. This enable us to help our customers improve quality, safety, efficiency, productivity and speed to market.


Our Mission

  • To glorify God by being a faithful steward of Him
  • To foster servant leadership to all in contact with TLMM
  • To pursue excellence through great staff of TLMM
  • To grow profitably and making profits continuously

Our Values

  1. We provide a positive work environment and group togetherness
  2. We provide creative employee recognition programs
  3. We provide solid training and ongoing employee development
  4. We professional editing provide a career path for employees
  5. We provide perks and monetary reward plans
  6. We acknowledge success of a staff to become significant
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