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Our learning tutorial videos are not meant to replace classroom training but it is highly meant to have a blended learning approach.  Our learning tutorial videos are customized in a professional way which focuses on key aspects and practical examples. You can request us to customize your tutorial video before classroom training begins using the concept of Pre Training. Not to forget, we can also customize training programs to any training objective of your choice. Our aim is to ensure your participants are highly engaged during our tutorials. Our Facilitators Track Manual is designed especially  for your organization with combination of Guidelines for the facilitator to facilitate the tutorial, Power-Point notes that explain all points in the tutorial video with answer keys given and simple training toys to engage participants effectively. So, start placing your order with us today.Please note every tutorial video below needs customization , which takes 2 weeks upon payment being made. Should you need to rent our tutorial videos, its possible too!  View our demo tutorial video »

Title: Pemanduan Berhemah
Purchase Price: RM 3799

Tutorial Summary : Video Pengajaran ini adalah untuk mengajar pemandu memiliki etika dan tingkahlaku yang berhemah serta teknik pengendalian kenderaan dengan betul dan mematuhi peraturan lalulintas dengan berpandukan tanda-tanda isyarat lalulintas di Malaysia.

Title: 8D problem Solving made Easy
Purchase Price: RM 4799

Tutorial Summary :8D problem solving is based on identifying, correcting, and eliminating recurring problems. The goal is to focus on root causes, and implement a verified solution that permanently eliminates the root cause of the problem. 8D problem solving is a comprehensive approach. Our tutorial video will teach you the effectiveness of 8D made easier for your understanding and implementations further into your organization.

Title: Communicating with Excellence
Purchase Price: RM 5799

Tutorial Summary : The ability to communicate is something many of us take for granted. And yet, we don’t often manage to get across the message we want to others and get them to agree to what we want. In this video, you will learn the communication skills used by master communicators to get into rapport with others. Learn how to match and mirror and use effective language skills to communicate and get agreement from others in discussions, meetings, negotiations, sales and other situations. Learn also how to sharpen your observation skills to notice if others are in rapport with you.

Title: Financial Essentials
Purchase Price: RM 5799

Tutorial Summary : This Tutorial Video is designed for diverse industries to get a firm grasp on the numbers side of their business. The primary goal is to help them develop sound financial knowledge to read and understand financial reports; helping them lead their organizations uccessfully in the highly competitive globalized business arena. This video is ideal for employees who have little or no knowledge in accounting.

Title: Grooming For Success
Purchase Price: RM 4799

Tutorial Summary :Grooming for Success Tutorial Video addresses the inner and outer grooming aspects of an individual, with a view to enhancing personal and corporate image as well as professional presence. We will also impart tips on good grooming, positive attitude, social and business etiquette, all of which will dramatically enhance self-confidence and self- presentation.

Title: Leading Successfully 
Purchase Price: RM 5799

Tutorial Summary :Leading Successfully is a great Tutorial Video designed to engage the body, mind and the heart’s motivation to experience an insight to develop wisdom in leading ourselves and others.This video will enhance Emotional Intelligence skills of leaders and create an Emotionally Excellent organization.

Title: Using Emotional intelligence  
Purchase Price: RM 5799

Tutorial Summary :Emotional Intelligence is two times as important in contributing to excellence than intellect and expertise alone. This Tutorial Video enhances your performance by developing the ability to use your emotions in a positive and constructive way in relationships with others.

Title: The Law Of  Success In Workplace
Purchase Price: RM 2799
Tutorial Summary : The Law of Success in Workplace Tutorial Video explains and prove that you create your career by the thoughts you think, the beliefs you uphold and the emotions you indulge in everyday. By understanding the Law of Attraction, you will realize that your thoughts, beliefs and emotions magnetize to you people and circumstances that match the quality of your thoughts and emotions. How you think and feel everyday determines your experiences. Change your mindset and you can transform your life.
Title: Thinking Out Of The Box
Purchase Price: RM 5799

Tutorial Summary :  Think Out of the Box Tutorial Video will teach participants how to use structured frameworks to generate fact-based hypotheses followed by data gathering and analysis to prove or disprove the hypothesis. Thereafter creative thinking ability is used to generate ideas to solve their workplace problems. In the process, participants will learn how and when to use specific tools to unlock creativity and produce quality ideas and decisions.

Title: Delegation With Style
Purchase Price: RM 5799
Tutorial Summary : So why do so many managers still try to do everything themselves? Assigning work to others is an integral part of getting things done efficiently, however many people feel uncomfortable with delegating. So where do you instinctively find the balance? Do you choose not to delegate, and end up stressed-out and exhausted, or do you delegate, and risk errors and some frustration as a way of getting out of the not-enough-time-to do-anything-properly? So with Style Tutorial Video to understand how to delegate effectively.
Title: How To Interview Effectively 
Purchase Price: RM 5799
Tutorial Summary :  The mistake of employing the wrong person for the job is very costly to correct. As such, one must ensure that one hires correctly. To do this, one must be able to discern whether a short-listed candidate will be suitable for the job at the interview stage itself. This job-person suitability could be achieved by using behavioral interviewing. Our 6 Module Tutorial Video, teaches participants how to do understand best practice interviewing techniques to hire the right candidate for the job.
Title: Handling Stress Patiently 
Purchase Price: RM 2799
Tutorial Summary :  Our Tutorial Video titled Handling Stress Patiently is for any person in an organization. Different people handle stress differently. What works for one person may not work for another. This video offers a variety of techniques that delegates can adapt to their own context to handle stress at work and home.

Title: Time and Stress Management Practices for Executives and Non Executives
Purchase Price: RM 4799
Tutorial Summary : According to the Pareto Principle, or the ‘80:20 Rule’, typically 80% of unfocused effort generates only 20% of results. The remaining 80% of results are achieved with only 20% of the effort. Our Tutorial Video of Time and Stress Management ensures you to concentrate as much of your time and energy as possible on the high payoff tasks. This ensures possible with the limited amount of time available to you.
Title: Effective and Outstanding Supervisory Skills
Purchase Price: RM 6799
Tutorial Summary : Your supervisors will be able to overcome supervisory problems and challenges they may encounter as a boss. Managing others isn’t always easy, however once your supervisor understands the tools and language needed to be used, they will certainly develop an outstanding relationship with their employees and peers.
Title:Dynamics of Managing Conflict
Purchase Price: RM 6799
Tutorial Summary : Conflict management can be a healthy way to open up lines of communication, initiate problem solving and discuss change. Our Tutorial DVD will teach your employees to best manage conflict for either for a group or a an individual manager or leader.

Title: Relationship Building with Customers
Purchase Price: RM 5799
Tutorial Summary : Our Tutorial DVD will teach you how YOU can have a major impact by shifting the focus from product to  customer and how your employees who have both external and internal customers and clients understands better to have a great relationship with their customers.
Title: Managing Change
Purchase Price: RM 5799
Tutorial Summary : Agents of change in organisations who need to acquire and practice formal techniques for managing the change process will be the right employees for our Tutorial DVD. In addition, employees will be ready to expand beyond the boundaries of project or process management can all be considered to learn from our Tutorial DVD.
Title: Telephone Service Excellence
Purchase Price: RM 2799
Tutorial Summary : Our Tutorial DVD is designed for employees dealing with customers over the telephone on a day to day basis. They will learn how to develop positive customer service skills and handle complaints and difficult situations over the telephone excellently.

Title: Effective Filing and Record Management
Purchase Price: RM 2799
Tutorial Summary :  Our Tutorial DVD of Effective Filling and Record Management displays how to have a systematic control, over proper filing and record management. Your admin and clerical staff will be able to learn essential principles of ‘5 S’ and generally contribute to the improved quality & productivity of their company.
Title: How to become an Effective Coach
Purchase Price: RM 5799
Tutorial Summary : Our Tutorial DVD of How to Become an Effective Coach will help your senior executives/ assistant managers, managers, senior managers, directors and top management to further understand simple coaching tools and what it means to coach and how does coaching improve employee performance and retention while creating a more productive workforce.
Title: Understanding FMEA
Purchase Price: RM 5799
Tutorial Summary : Failure Mode & Effects Analysis is a technique to Effectively Mitigate Risks. You will learn what a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is, when to use it, and why it’s an important tool for testing products for functional safety.

Title: Selling Skills Made Easier
Purchase Price: RM 5799
Tutorial Summary : Understanding how to sell and overcome objections are simple methods to be learnt by any sales employee. Selling Skills made Easier is a basic formula taught to sales employees who can make a difference and impact profitability of their company.
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