The Role of a MatchMaker

The role of a MatchMaking Consultant is to work closely with corporate clients, understand their training needs and match their requirements to training consultants they represent. In other words, from the hundreds of trainers & training providers in the market, our MatchMaking Consultants identifies, interviews and sources a training provider that matches the culture and business objectives for a client. We make sure that either party come to a win-win situation on an ideal In-House or Public Program Training to offer.

A typical question asked by many people is:  So does using a MatchMaking Consultant increase the cost to an employer? The answer is ‘no’. In fact, a MatchMaking Consultant ensures their job is to source and provide highly skilled matched trainers & training providers to employers even cheaper than what is on the employers budget! The fee quoted is the same as if the employer went directly to the trainer & training provider.

How does this work?  Essentially, after completing the training, the trainer or training provider pays a fees to the MatchMaking Consultant for finding him or her work. So who pays the trainer or training provider?  Yes its the client directly! Look, we are a unique set up to bring great exposure of trainers and training providers to employers.  So why would a trainer or training provider want to have their income lesser that what they usually get?  Well we can be considered as a 2nd marketing arm of a trainer’s & training providers business. Using The Learning MatchMaker enables a Training Manager, HR Manager or Learning and Development Manager use their time and energy to do what they are best at, managing the delivery of an effective training strategy for the organization, without the “headache” of managing external providers.

The Question is “How would an employer know how reliable the match (trainer or training provider) will be”? Well that is why we have built a solid competency rating of whomever we match.  We don’t match anyone just because we heard about that person or company.  We take great effort to attend their live trainings, take detailed reports, audit their social media existence and then work to match them with employers.  We keep on searching for the best as we are never satisfied! 


What happens When you Hire us

  • Upon receipt of your In-house Request or Public Training Request, our Support Team will contact you to verify your request.
  • Within 48 hours, you will receive 1 – 3 ‘best fit’ tailored proposals recommended training consultants by us.
  • Next, let us know who you would prefer and we will arrange the meeting with you and the selected training consultants.

Benefits To You

  • Gives you greater control in sourcing L&D solutions and services.
  • Helps you find the right specific needs.
  • Receive best fit training consultants offer, videos and articles for your ongoing information.
  • Advertise your training needs and problems faced in your company through our online forum to be answered by our experts.
  • Save time, effort and money.
  • Its Absolutely FREE!
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