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TLMM’s simulations are a versatile and powerful learning tools for corporate training and development for a number of reasons:
  • Experiential Learning – Boards, due to their tactile nature and playability, speak to the adult learning preference for experiential learning. Reinforcing the experience of taking action and owning outcomes, is the kinesthetic learning that stems from the handling of the board game materials such as cards, money, gauges representing key performance indicators, and the visual learning of looking at one’s business laid out on a poster-sized piece of paper.
  • Relevant Experience – One’s business – the business in which you, as a participant, work and for which you are responsible – is the second critical aspect for the adult learner. The experience must be relevant to the learner. 
  • Cascading Capability – A board simulation is a good return on investment for the buyer, especially when it is a customized solution. Senior leaders can use them as a communication tool to convey strategy, build alignment across the organization, or illustrate how individuals create and add value. 

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