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Our Journey

The Learning MatchMakers connects consultants and trainers with high impact organizations seeking training and consulting services, tools, innovation and technology. Our network includes over many professional training/consulting firms throughout Asia Pacific. The Learning MatchMaker was set up by a team of learning strategist  in September 2010 with vast experiences in the field of learning. Their passion and hunger to being innovative in the training industry, have resulted them to achieve their dreams through “connecting” customers to trainers, training providers, coaches and speakers with one purpose to fulfill the desire of continuous learning in organizations.

The Learning MatchMaker is founded to revolutionize corporate learning for Asia Pacific learning organizations. We provide organizations platforms for matchmaking their employees learning needs to the right sources of deliverables. Our learning deliverables comes in the forms of Training Matchmaking Services, Web Coaching Systems, Learning Tutorial Videos, Online Comics and further R&D Deliverables which are new ways of developing employees. In summary, our matchmaking services are here to understand situations, project implications, and respond with new blended tools to have a new impact on shaping society through their ability to learn.

Our Mission
  • To glorify God by being a faithful steward of Him
  • To foster servant leadership to all in contact with TLMM
  • To pursue excellence through great staff of TLMM
  • To grow profitably and making profits continuously
Our Values
  1. We provide a positive work enviroment & group togetherness
  2. We provide creative employee recognition programs
  3. We provide solid training and ongoing employee development
  4. We provide a career path for employees
  5. We provide perks and monetary reward plans
  6. We acknowledge success of a staff to become significant

Our Team

Ms. Nurul

Ms. Kavitha







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