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Our Training MatchMaking Services full-fill your training needs by matching you with 3 best fit credible trainers & training providers for fair comparison and selections. Upon receipt of your In-house training request, our Support Team will contact you to verify your requirements.  Within 48 hours, we will submit you proposals along with comparisons of cost, objectives, trainer’s credentials and training methodologies. Next, let us know who you would prefer and we will arrange the meeting between you and the selected trainer.

Free Trial

Request us a training title today, and you will be amazed on the type of quality matches we offer you. 6 months free trial is our best offer to you! Call our Support Team and we will match you the best trainers & training providers for your soft skills training, functional training and technical training programs. Request a Training Proposals Today>>

Our Goal

At The Learning Matchmaker, our goal is to help you find the right trainers & training providers  and to deliver on our mission to creating a more efficient marketplace for learning.

Your Business is Our Business

Our lists of top trainers & training providers  companies are based on extensive research, thorough analysis of their  capabilities, experiences, and expertise of hundreds of learning organizations.

We Value Your Trust

Having worked with hundreds of trainers & training providers, we know you depend on us to do the job right. It’s a responsibility we don’t take for granted.

Why Work With Us


The Secret Way to save you thousands of dollars is by matching you the best credible trainers & training providers  through our vigorous auditing and comparison checks.


If history has taught you anything, a trainer & training provider  is only as good if you have an external outsourced company like us providing you with the best analytics of trainers quality and credibility.


Yes, its a FREE SERVICE. The value that we are giving you is priceless as;

  1. We match you with the best expert.
  2. We save tremendous time of yours.
  3. We negotiate best prices for you based on market rates.

Our services are absolutely free until you decide to engage us for our One Stop Training Matching Services where a lot of added values provided.

 Employers We Work With

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The role of a MatchMaking Consultant

The role of a MatchMaking Consultant is to work closely with corporate clients, understand their training needs and match their requirements to trainers & training providers  they represent. In other words, from the hundreds of trainers & training providers in the market, our MatchMaking Consultants identifies, interviews and sources a trainer & training provider that matches the culture and business objectives for a client. We make sure that either party come to a win-win situation on an ideal In-House or Public Program Trainings to offer.

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