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Things are changing and technology is moving. HR needs to adapt and escape the classroom or combine it with technology by using a Learning Management System (LMS). Using a Learning Management System (LMS) can help you and your company make training interesting and useful both for your employees and your company.
The objectives of a good LMS should include benefits of:

  • Mobile – training sessions should not disrupt the business dynamic and be perceived as “days off” when employees feel comfortable switching off.
  • Instead, they should be available through modern technology and accessible from anywhere.
  • Collaborative – the staff should not be asked to take charge of their own training individually without giving them the benefit of teamwork.
  • Engaging – reading through dry training materials or listening to long informational lectures can only be counterproductive.
  • Interacting with the training content in a variety of ways keeps employees present and involved.
  • Useful – if an employee doesn’t see the value of a particular training course, he or she is less likely to invest time and attention into the material. Content should be tailored, relevant and directly applicable to the employee’s daily activities to derive optimal value.
  • Accessible – course materials should be available and easily accessible through a convenient reference system.
  • Integrated – a training program should be independent of location and available to the entire network of employees and contractors alike.
  • Cost-effective – the training course’s cost should be adequate in relation to the course’s value or expected outcome and should embody an expense-minimizing approach.
A traditional conference room training session simply cannot cover 100% these vital features of a successful program. This is where a Learning Management System (LMS), comes in.

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