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Welcome to the industry’s #1 leading tool to organize, automate scheduling reminders and report measurements to see results of coaching and mentoring experiences in your organisation. Thousands of clients have set up their professional coaching and mentoring sessions to deliver the best credible realization for their employees.

The Buddy Lourdes Coaching System team is on a mission to help all employees in organizations worldwide to improve and increase their performance at work. Our Aim is to empower and  improve  these individuals at work for a better overall work performance and contributions to the organization towards the benefits of the organization. We provide you the platform for all employees to be coached and mentored and kept accountable on their growth to perform in your company.

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How Buddy Lourdes Coaching System Can Help Your Organization?

Connect LIVE with your Coaches and Mentors within your country or globally, to enjoy a wonderful coaching and mentoring culture in your organisation. With Buddy Lourdes Coaching System live streaming, you will experience coaching and mentoring sessions through live streaming. Each LIVE streaming supports:

  • Communication through 1 to 1 or 1 to a group
  •  Timely reminders for completion of a session
  • Chat box for typing in more information


Why Buddy Lourdes Coaching System is Important for Your Organization?

Manage your coaching and mentoring sessions to create a wholesome organisational accountability! Your employees will be made accountable to Buddy Lourdes Coaching System. Each employee will have a dashboard of sophisticated analytical tools to track, schedule and monitor their progress and their coach or mentors feedback of every session With Buddy Lourdes Coaching System, your employees will further enjoy:

  • Calendar scheduling and sharing
  • Instant monitoring between the immediate boss of your employee, the HR, L&D or Training Department and the Coach or Mentor assigned



Get Started Today with Buddy Lourdes Coaching System

Take your time and find the Best-Fit Coach or Mentor for your employees through our Intelligent platform! Buddy Lourdes Coaching System Intelligent Matching processors will certainly help you look for the best match Coach or Mentor you want to hire. With Buddy Lourdes Coaching System matching platform, we ensure:

  • Our Coaches and Mentors are experienced and qualified with proven transparent records and communication capability
  • Through our Free Trial, you will get a 20 minutes coaching time for each Coach or Mentor. You will get connected to 3 Coaches or Mentors in total

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Your Success is Our Success 

Sophisticated program arrangements that spans through weeks or months or years are planned carefully through our Content Experts and the desired Coach and Mentor of your choice. Our Commitment to Your Organization:

  • Buddy Lourdes Coaching System ensures a shared accomplishment for every program carved out to begin and end.
  • Program content methodology is constantly monitored through each coaching and mentoring session for every employees development needs.
  • You can add on employees to join in programs through our multi coaching session too
  • Buddy Lourdes Coaching System is here to assist in the growth of your Organization

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